Headaches are really annoying and can be severe at times. No matter what
    the cause is, headaches can have several bad effects on your health and
    should be treated soon. There are several natural ways that can help you
    in combating headaches and migraines. So you don’t have to depend on over
    the counter medications and can treat your headache at home with the following easy tricks:

    1. MASSAGE
     Massage can be quite effective when it comes to headaches.
     Rub your temples or massage your neck, back, shoulder and head for temporary relief.
    You feel better for a little while, but then you have to have it again and again," says
    Salwa H. Hanna, MD, owner, founder, and medical director of the Headache Clinic of Denver.
    As per a study, people with migraines had less frequent migraines when they went
    through six weekly massage classes. 

    Try these three stretches: neck range of motion
    (chin forward, upward,and toward each shoulder);
    shoulder shrugs (shrug up, up and forward, and up and back);
    and neck isometrics (press palm into forehead and hold; press hand on each side of the head).
    Stretch twice a day that involves 20 minutes per session.
    Hold each stretch for 5 seconds and repeat the stretch for 3-5 times. 

    We all are aware of the benefits of meditation.
    As per a study meditation helped reducing the frequency of migraines and improved
    the tolerance power of pain. Try going for techniques that involve mind-body connection. 

    4. HEAT AND COLD Anybody can use this trick including pregnant women.
    Put some heat at your back to alleviate neck tightness.
    However for a pulsating headache, use icing technique instead of heating one.
    It reduces the pain by reducing the temperature of the blood passing through
    your Dura (the lining of the brain). 

    5. YOGA Camel pose in yoga can help you ease your headache.
    As per a study, the participants faced less frequent migraines and less painful
    attacks when they did regular yoga as compared with hose who did not do.
    It can also help you reducing your anxiety. 

    6. RELAXATION Relaxation involves deep breathing, listening to soothing music
    and mental imagery process. It can help in reducing your headache frequency.
    A study that involved a group of 90 people found that relaxation improved
    their sleep more effectively than acupuncture.