We all see dreams while we sleep. 

But most of the people don't know about the facts behind these dreams. There are several different and amazing facts about dreams. 
Here are some of the facts that are related to dreams:
1. Everyone Dreams On an average, every person spends about 6 years of his/her lifetime dreaming.Animals dream too. Kids don’t dream about themselves until they attain an age of 3.
2. Dreams are SymbolicDreams are symbolic in nature as they give you hints about what’s going on in your real life. Dreaming about something like dirty water signifies a dormant health issue. The most common dreams that people usually see are about their teeth falling out, falling and drowning, and being chased by monster.
3. We Only See The People We Have Seen EarlierIn our dreams, we only see the people who we know or must have seen them before in our waking lives. Our minds don’t invent faces and use the people we have seen or met.
4. “A Call in The Night”Depression may cause you to dream 3-4 times more than normal. There is a project called “A Call In The Night” in which they will call you once a week after 2 AM and will connect you to a person to discuss your dreams.
5. Lucid Dreams (You can control your dreams)You can control your dreams. This is called a lucid dream in which you are very well aware of what you are dreaming even if you are sleeping. In such dreams you can often control the happening in your dream.
6. Dream or SnoreWhen we dream, our body gets paralysed. And if you are snoring, then you can not be dreaming. 
7. Precognitive DreamsWe often dream about our future. Such types of dreams called “Precognitive Dreams”. The most known evidence of such dream is the case of Abraham Lincoln. He saw his death in his dream and after the 3 days of his dream, he was assassinated by John Wikes Booth. Some famous people became so because of the dream once they had. That’s how “Twilight” series got started.
8. Colors of Dreams12% of the people in the world see black and white dreams. However, scientists are not sure if that makes any difference to their emotions or not. Also, blind peoplealso dream as much as those with sight do. Those who are born blind dream with their senses and touch. And those who become blind after their birth also see dreams with visual effects.