The cure of many cardiovascular diseases has not been found in your medical cabinet, but it will be found in your kitchen or may be in your backyard garden. “Prevention is better than cure” it is the most common saying. Nature has given many fruits and natural foods which can prevent us from different cardiovascular diseases. One of them is “Pomegranate”.

Clean Your Arteries With One Simple Fruit. There is a new research, according to which pomegranate extract may prevent your body from cardiovascular diseases.

Pomegranate extract may have many advantages, some of them are given below
1) It reduces the level of oxidative stress in the body.
2) Lipid accumulation in the heart muscle can be reduced by using pomegranate extract.
3) It lowers down the microphage infiltration in the heart muscles.
4) Prevent cardiac enlargement.
5) Reduces ECG abnormalities

It has been proved in the research given in year 2004, consumption of pomegranate juice reversed carotid artery stenosis by up to 29% within 1 year. The advantages of pomegranate to the cardiovascular diseases are very broad. Some of it evidence which have been proved experimentally are given below:

Inflammation plays a significant role in cardiovascular diseases like many chronic degenerative diseases. Pomegranate extract is proved to be anti-inflammatory and give relief against inflammation.

Pomegranate extract contains natural ingredients like angiotensin and nitric acid enhancer which help in lowering the blood pressure into the vessel. Finally pomegranate extract are proved to reduce the adverse perturbed effects on arterial segment exposed to disturbed flow.

Secondary viral are bacterial infection can be caused because of plague present in arteries. This includes hepatitis C and Chlamydia pneumonia. Pomegranate extract have wide range of anti bacterial and anti viral properties.

Oxidation may cause the blood lipid as heart disease promoting lipid. Pomegranate has been found to reduce the oxidation effect in the blood and prevents the body against cardiovascular diseases.
Hence pomegranate is the simple gift from nature which can prevent a person against many heart diseases

Source : Natural blaze & Medicopk