The Prakruthi Arogyadhama at Sri Atmalingeshwara Kshtera, Hanumantha Nagara is a Nature cure hospital functioning under  the  chairmanship  of  Sri. G. Madegowda, Ex-MP, devoted to serving the society. It is one of the very few naturecure centers which has come up with the intention of providing natural solutions to all kinds of human ailments. The hospital is situated in a serene place in lush green surroundings, far off from the hustle and bustle of city life, with an ambiance of its own. The Prakruthi Arogyadhama offers a genuine and natural way of living to find a solution to various health problems. It is not just a hospital in the ordinary sense of the word, but a home, a place of solace, where one finds peace of mind and body in nature. The Prakruthi Arogyadhama is well- equipped with all kinds of modern facilities required to meet the health needs.

The Arogyadhama at Hanumanthanagara is a boon and a gift to  those who love to live in the midst of nature. The very atmosphere of the Arogyadhama with its natural surroundings, is conducive to natural recovery. Together with it, the wise and expert counselling and treatment by qualified doctors, Dr. Muthu Subramaian B.N.Y.S, Msc (psychology) and Dr. Soumya.s.shetty B.N.Y.S, a patient is sure to recover from any kind of body and mind related problems. Patients from all over country are glad to find solution to their problems at Arogyadhama which makes Arogyadhama unique and unrivaled      


                                                                                                  NATURE IS THE ULTIMATE HEALER 

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